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May 23 2018


                          i could recognize him by touch alone, by smell
                                           i would know him blind,
                  by the way his breaths came and his feet struck the ground

                                         i would know him in death
                                            at the end of the world

May 22 2018

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May 21 2018

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  • ❝ Why have enemies when you can have friends? ❞
  • ❝ I thought you’d be taller and would have a beard. ❞
  • ❝ I see you’re trying to get me to do something razzle-dazzle with that sword.
  • ❝ There’s an army of you, there’s only one of me.
  • ❝ I’ve talked, I’m happy to talk, but there is no way… that I am fighting.
  • ❝ Hang that up, don’t want it getting creased. ❞
  • ❝ It should be clear by now that whatever you and your friends think I am, I am not it. ❞
  • ❝ It’s all yours, son. Though I warn you, it’s got quite a bite.
  • ❝ You wanted to know what gave me such drive? It was you.
  • ❝ I am here now because of you. You created me. And for that, I bless you.
  • ❝ You’re no longer dealing with the man you previously met. ❞
  • ❝ You’re no longer a myth. You’re starting to mean something. ❞
  • ❝ You are resisting the sword. The sword isn’t resisting you.
  • ❝ You want him to think big? Give him something big to think about. ❞
  • ❝ They’re fighting in your name.
  • ❝ How do you get money from a Viking? ❞
  • ❝ You have won, [ NAME ]. You have won. Now, play with me.
  • ❝ When people fear you, it is the most intoxicated position a man can possess. ❞
  • ❝ You know what happens now. You’re quickly becoming a legend. ❞
  • ❝ This lot’s been trying that for years. Good luck doing that for them. ❞
  • ❝ And once you finish it, how are you supposed to get to the middle? ❞
  • ❝ Let me show you what your uncle will do if you do not accept.
  • ❝ The sword is yours now, son. Take it.
  • ❝ Long live the King! Long live the King! ❞
  • ❝ I’m a little old for finger-wagging and speeches. ❞
  • ❝ Can you just get around to telling me exactly what it is you want?
  • ❝ It’s quite dangerous being one of you lot, isn’t it? ❞
  • ❝ You’re good with animals, aren’t you? ❞
  • ❝ Never met one of you in the flesh. I thought you’d be taller… 
  • ❝ You have to break his old self completely, wear him down. ❞
  • ❝ You’re playing with fire, [ NAME ]. ❞
  • ❝ I’m not killing the king before he’s even become one! ❞
  • ❝ Pick it up. Pick it up with both hands.
  • ❝ If you want that sword so much, your lordship, you can keep it… ❞
  • ❝ Now, that would have hurt a lot more if I’d left the ring on. ❞
  • ❝ It was [ NAME ] who murdered your father ❞
  • ❝ Did you see everything you needed to see? ❞
  • ❝ I need you to do as I tell you. I need to get you and the boy away from here. ❞
  • ❝ You sharpened the blade. You created me.
  • ❝ Why has the water dropped? Why does the sword reveal itself now? ❞
  • ❝ As your power increases, so do to the forces that will oppose you. ❞
  • ❝ The born king will come. It is inevitable. ❞
  • ❝ You felt it, didn’t you, my power? ❞
  • ❝ I’ve never had any power or any desire to achieve it. ❞
  • ❝ Don’t worry. You will soon understand what all the fuss is about. ❞
  • ❝ What you didn’t account for is what you can do with this sword. ❞
  • ❝ You wanted the prophecy, this is your prophecy. ❞
  • ❝ The man who pulled sword from stone, behold, your born king! ❞
  • ❝ Because for the first time, there is something you don’t know. ❞
  • ❝ What gave you such drive? you felt if, the power, didn’t you? ❞
  • ❝ I’m not getting drawn into this mess! ❞
  • ❝ There are rumors, the legend of the sword, of a king other than yourself. ❞
  • ❝ Listen to me, I need you to do as I tell you. 
  • ❝ If I go down, you follow him. If he goes down, you follow me. ❞
  • ❝ Did you see everything you needed to see? ❞
  • ❝ Are you scared? You should be. ❞
  • ❝ You make sense of the devil. ❞
  • ❝ You put me in that brothel. You cut me on the streets. ❞
  • ❝ But doesn’t it make the palace burn well?
  • ❝ No, I mean I’m sorry. You’ve made a mistake. ❞
  • ❝ I’ll step off this throne and you can deal with me as the man you previously met. ❞
  • ❝ Well, now that’s out the way, let’s eat.
  • ❝ I understand there’s been a change in the leadership. ❞
  • ❝ I am confident that you will still honor the agreement made. ❞
  • ❝ I’m prepared to extend the deadline by a week. ❞
  • ❝ We’ve been wondering what you were doing in here. ❞
  • ❝ I like it. What is it? ❞
  • ❝ I’m not getting drawn into this mess. There’s an army of you. ❞

May 20 2018

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                                    our start was unconventional 
                                      over time became friends

                                         we had our downs
                                      they made us stronger

                                  and when we were ready for love
                                    the transition to more was easy

                                no matter what we’ve been through
                                       i wouldn’t change a thing

May 19 2018

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May 18 2018

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May 17 2018

to my beloved


you are
the ripe ripple of wheat
in a summer field
the long rays of sunset
stretching across the dirt
the heat-haze of august
languid and smooth

you are
the bright drip of blood
from between clenched teeth
knucklebones and vertebrae
cupped in battered hands
the caught light of amber
worn around the throat

you are
the sweetness of honey
that lives on my lips
golden, glowing, glorious
in every way i know
the answer to a question
i never thought to ask

@piraticalwit didn’t ask for the thing, but she’s getting it anyway.

It wasn’t the performances themselves that were particularly grueling - singing a few tunes, doing the ridiculous choreographed steps that passed for dancing, any trained monkey could do that. It was the constant travel, the demands on his time before and after any performance, the media circus that followed them everywhere they went…it was enough to make him wonder how much longer he wanted to be part of this dog and pony show.

But then there was one very good reason to stay.

That reason had just finished having something akin to a temper tantrum at Jack, one that resulted in a water bottle being flung across the room to knock over a vase of flowers and break a picture frame that housed some bland landscape painting or other - the sort that every hotel possessed but no one ever seemed to notice until it was laying in pieces on the floor. This was Guy’s cue to step in before it became a full-scale riot, the sort that caused bad publicity and ended up with a million questions about the band “breaking up” due to internal strife. 

Christ, he’d had enough of those questions to last a lifetime already.

Rising from the uncomfortable chair in the corner, where he’d been watching the antics of his bandmates with a carefully-hidden amusement, Guy moved to where Killian stood, cheeks red and chest heaving with furious breath, blue eyes narrowed in anger at Jack. It was a touchy situation, one that could implode at any moment, and God help them all if John decided to throw himself into the fray - the cost of damages to the hotel suite alone could put them out of business.

Instead he reached out slowly, hesitantly, and wrapped his fingers around Killian’s upper arm, applying no force but simply holding him in place for a moment, his thumb simply tracing a delicate circle across the Irishman’s skin where neither Jack nor John could see. A soft breath and the younger man’s name spoken in a tone too quiet to be heard by their companions were his only contributions to the row, but it seemed to be enough to break the tension - for the moment at least.

“Come with me,” he murmured, giving Killian’s arm the gentlest of tugs. “We need some air.”

May 16 2018

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May 15 2018

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May 14 2018

I meant it when I said I didn’t believe in love at first sight. It takes time to really, truly fall for someone. Yet I believe in a moment. A moment when you glimpse the truth within someone, and they glimpse the truth within you. In that moment, you don’t belong to yourself any longer, not completely. Part of you belongs to him; part of him belongs to you. After that, you can’t take it back, no matter how much you want to, no matter how hard you try.
Claudia Gray, A Thousand Pieces of You 
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May 13 2018

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May 12 2018

tell me every terrible thing you’ve done
and let me love you anyway.
show me the darkest shadows of you
and let me love you anyway.
let me see how fractured you truly are
so i can fill your cracks with my love.

don’t push me away in fear of your darkness.
let me love it instead.


((i love you means all of you.))

May 11 2018



┃┃╱╲ In this
┃╱╱╲╲ house
╱╱╭╮╲╲ we love
▔▏┗┛▕▔ & appreciate
treating characters as the
multi-faceted works they are
and not taking a single trait
or running gag and conflating
it to be their entire personality
╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲

there’s a fire burning inside me
and it’s devouring everything
but not you
somehow it never touches you
— midnight musings by Abby S 
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